Boost mobile unlock phone Yourself for Any Carrier

When you buy a phone directly from a cell phone carrier — for example, Boost Mobile — they partially own the device. This means that if you ever want to leave that company for another, you’ll either need to give up the phone, or go through an annoying transfer process.

However, you can skip that process and gain full ownership of your phone by unlocking it. Unlocking a phone from a carrier makes it so you can switch companies and keep the same phone.

If you’re a Boost Mobile customer, unlocking your phone just takes a phone call. Here’s how to unlock your Boost Mobile phone.

How to unlock a Boost Mobile phone

Before anything, you need to make sure that you meet Boost Mobile’s unlocking requirements. These are:

  • The phone has been active on your Boost Mobile account for at least a year.
  • Your Boost Mobile account is in “good standing,” with no past-due balances.
  • The phone hasn’t been reported as lost or stolen.

Additionally, the phone needs to be “SIM unlock capable.” You should ask about your specific phone’s capabilities when you call Boost Mobile, but in general, if the phone was made in 2015 or later it should be fine.

If your phone isn’t SIM unlock capable, Boost Mobile can provide you with an “MSL Code” which may work to unlock it instead.

Quick tip: The only exception to these rules is for active military personnel who are deployed overseas. Overseas military personnel can unlock their phones without having them active for a year, and each phone number on the account is allowed to unlock up to two devices per year.

If you meet all the requirements, call Boost Mobile’s customer support number at 1-888-266-7848. When you connect to a representative, ask for your phone to be unlocked. If you’re active overseas military personnel, you’ll also have to provide proof of your overseas deployment papers.

The unlock request can take up to two business days to process. Keep your SIM card inside of the phone until you get an email or notification that the unlock went through properly.

Boost mobile unlock phone

Is my Boost Mobile device eligible for unlocking?

Boost Mobile will only unlock devices that have been attached to an active account for at least 12 consecutive months. It’s important to request the device be unlocked before the account expires since the account must be active at the time you make the request. Boost will only accept requests to unlock your phone if it is both locked to and designed for the Boost network. That means that Boost will not unlock your phone if it’s on another network even if Virgin Mobile or Sprint manufactured your phone.

Additionally, Boost Mobile will refuse to unlock any prepaid device that has previously been reported lost or stolen. The phone also can’t have any association with reports of fraudulent activity. As long as you meet the criteria we’ve discussed Boost Mobile will respond to your unlock request within two business days. If Boost accepts your request, they will provide you with an unlock code, but if your request is denied Boost is required to explain the basis for that denial.

What is the process for unlocking a Boost Mobile phone?

You must first contact Boot Mobile Customer Care to submit a request to Boost Mobile to have your device unlocked. Once your request has been approved Boost will provide you with an unlock code. Once your device is unlocked, you will be free to use it on another network. When applying for your device to be unlocked be sure to have ready your phone number, the name on your account, and the account billing PIN. The PIN may be different than your password and is often the last four digits of your SSN.

How To Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone by IMEI

​You can also use the tool below to unlock your Boost phone using the IMEI code

Does it cost anything to unlock by Boost Mobile device?

No. There is no fee for requesting Boost Mobile to unlock your device.

How can I tell if my device has been unlocked?

If you are unable to confirm that your phone has been unlocked your first option is to call Boost Mobile directly. Boost Mobile customer service will be able to review your account and tell you if your device has been unlocked or not. Another option is to insert a SIM card for a different carrier. As long as the SIM card is the correct size this trick should show you if your phone has been unlocked or not. Once you insert the SIM card the name of your new carrier should display on the screen of your device indicating your phone has been unlocked and that you are now on the new network. If the results aren’t obvious it is sometimes helpful to power off the phone and then power it back on. A restart will frequently allow a phone to recognize a new network.

Can I use my Boost Mobile phone with a different network after it is unlocked?

Yes, as long as your device is on the same type of network. For instance, if your phone is GSM-only, it will only function on other networks that are GSM compatible. The same phone would not work on a separate CDMA network.

Boost primarily operates on a Sprint CDMA network, which means their phones are typically compatible with other wireless carriers that run on CDMA networks owned by Verizon or Sprint. There is no guarantee that all of the functions and features of your unlocked phone will work on a different network, however.


The significant difference between the two types of networks is GSM networks rely on a removable SIM card to identify users while CDMA phones make use of digital serial numbers embedded within the phone. CDMA phones require specialized programming to switch between networks.

GSM networks are much more convenient given it is only a matter of moving a SIM card from one phone to another. Any unlocked device that is compatible with T-Mobile or AT&T networks should be easily used by both networks with the swapping of the SIM card.

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Compatibility with LTE networks

The rise of LTE networks has made life easier for anyone hoping to unlock a Boost Mobile phone and move to a different network. Every LTE network in the country uses GSM technology, which means LTE-enabled devices designed for Sprint or Verizon networks likely are compatible with every GSM network nationwide.

The design of your phone could limit functionality, though. Older phones frequently only use a SIM card to access LTE services. What that means for you is that even on a GSM network you may be unable to access 2G or 3G services.

Military Service Members

The wireless industry association, CTIA, has set strict regulations requiring wireless carriers to allow deployed active military personnel the right to unlock their devices even if they do not meet the 12-month requirement described above. To have your device unlocked, you will need to provide documentation of proving you are deployed, and your account will have to be in good standing.

Part 1: FAQs about Boot Mobile

Q1: How Do I Know if My Mobile is Locked

If you’re not sure if your phone has an active carrier or not, you should:

  • Remove the Boost SIM that is currently inserted in your phone.
  • Replace the SIM for one from a different carrier to see whether the device accepts it or not.

If your SIM card is refused, you need to unlock boost mobile phone because you have a carrier lock.

Q2: Can I Unlock My Boost Mobile

Yes, you can unlock boost mobile if you are curious about the question “can you unlock a boost mobile phone”. And all mobile phones in Boost Mobile are sold locked to their network, which ensures that they can not operate with any provider until you unlock it.

Q3: What’s the Mobile Compatible Network of Boost Mobile

Mobile compatible network means whether your mobile device is compatible with the specific carrier or not.

The Boost mobile uses a CDMA network. If you are a user of Boost mobile, you can only use SIM card from CDMA carrier.

Q4: What’s the Requirements of Unlocking a Boost Mobile

The requirements for how to unlock boost phone mobile phone yourself includes the followings:

  • Remove your SIM card from your phone only after you’ve checked the unlocking process is complete.
  • Make sure your device is turned on and connected to WiFi or Boost’s network.
  • Your phone is capable of SIM unlocking.
  • The device was not declared to be missing or stolen, or otherwise unlockable.
  • The device has been operational for at least 12 months on the associated account.
  • Account connected on your device is active and well-established.

Q. Unlock Policies of Boot Mobile

Unlock Policy – For Military

If you’re a member of the military, Boost Mobile can unlock your phone upon request if you have evidence of deployment. The minimum amount of time you must use your phone with Boost is the only qualifying criterion you do not need to fulfill. Up to two devices will be unlocked every year for each number connected with your military account.

Unlock Policy – For Current Boost Customers

If you’re an existing Boost Mobile customer who meets the following criteria, the unlocking procedure is straightforward:

  • Contact customer support of Boost mobile.
  • Receive the unlocking code.
  • Enter in the code as instructed to unlock.

Suppose you’re using a Boost UP! Payment schedule, the whole process can take no longer than one day. If you don’t, it might take up to two days to unlock your phone.

Unlock Policy – For Non-current Customers

It’s important to remember that you can unlock a Boost Mobile phone even though you aren’t (or have never been) a Boost user, but the procedure is a little tedious to get there. You will need the following information to unlock your Boost Mobile phone:

  • The phone’s last associated Boost Mobile phone number or account number.
  • If you don’t have that information, you’ll need to call the person from which you purchased the phone and ask them for it.

Ways to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone Yourself

1. Use Third-party Tool

If you are unable to use boost mobile customer support to unlock your device, you have the choice of using a third-party service to assist you in unlocking your Boost mobile phone.

Third-party tools are the perfect choice for unlocking Boost smartphone. They will help you get a new operating network up and running in less than a day.

Some of the third-party tools to unlock boost mobile includes Unlockninja, Unlockitfree, DirectUnlocks and so on. You can choose one according to your own needs.

About Boost Mobile Phone Unlocks

Start things off, I’m going to answer two of the most common questions I see that people ask about mobile phone unlocks.

Q1. Does Boost Mobile phone come unlocked?

No! All Boost Mobile phones are sold with a carrier lock. You must unlock it first before switching to another network.

Q2. Is it legal to unlock a Boost Mobile phone under contract?

Depending on where you live, Boost mobile phone unlock may be affected by some regulations. However, there are virtually no laws that prohibit the unlocking process.

On the contrary, some countries prohibit carriers from enabling locks on mobile phones. At most, you’ll have to pay the carrier to unlock your phone. But no matter what, actually unlocking is always possible to do.

Q3. How to know if my phone is locked to Boost Mobile?

Perhaps you are suspicious that your phone has an active carrier lock but you’re not entirely sure. So before you go ahead with the unlocking process, first you’ll need to find out whether or not unlocking is necessary.

Step 1. Take out the Boost SIM card which is currently inserted.

Step 2. Put a SIM card from an alternative carrier into the mobile phone.

Step 3. Check if the SIM card works or if it’s rejected.

It’s pretty straightforward to check, assuming that you’ve got a SIM card from another carrier handy. Of course you can also check without a SIM card.

If you find out there is a carrier lock, proceed with the rest of this guide to remove it.

Q4. Is Boost Mobile CDMA or GSM?

Boost Mobile uses a CDMA network. This means a Boost Mobile phone can only use SIM cards from a CDMA carrier (such as Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular) after unlocking.

An unlocked Boost Mobile phone isn’t compatible with GSM network carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile.

Q5. Can I use my Boost Mobile phone with Verizon?

As mentioned before, both Boost Mobile and Verizon use CDMA network. So you can use your Boost Mobile phone with a Verizon SIM Card after it is unlocked.

Q6. How long does it take for a Boost Mobile phone to be unlocked?

It all depends. If you’re eligible to unlock by Boost Mobile, it will take up to 7 days although the average time is 48 hours.

If you use a third-party unlocking service, then your device will be unlocked within 24 hours.

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