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Mobile phone no matter which operating system they support but have taken space in each individual’s pocket. With tons of mobile devices in use, there is an equal number of queries rolling on the search engines, and the most common of all is to provide an Android screen lock removal tool. Since Androids are the most selling device today, our priority is to offer you the best Android phone unlocking software of 2021.


Almost any kind of mobile phone has a system of phone locking or screen locking. It is primarily provided to safeguard the unintended key-pressing while not using the device and protect the data and other personal information from unwanted access. It is highly irritating when the locked screen rejects to unlock due to some errors or faults. The best solution to all such issues can be in one of the Android password removal tools.The article below lists out the leading Android unlocking software in the category, but before going to it, let us understand what Android phone unlocking software is and why & how these tools should be the choicest ways for lock removal.