How to Unlock mi or redmi Pattern Lock without Losing Data

My younger brother shattered my Redmi Note 5 Pro yesterday, breaking it, including the fingerprint scanner. I can’t get through the lock screen any longer. Is there anyone who can recommend a tool that will allow me to access my Xiaomi phone’s important data?”

— From Mi Community

There are several posts on the internet asking if it is possible to disable the screen lock on Mi phones. For security purposes, the forget passcode option on the lock screen usually wipes all of the data on the handset.

Warning: Things You Need to Know Before You Unlock mi Phone

Currently, no app, like Wondershare Dr.Fone, is available on the market that can unlock Mi phones without causing data loss. Apart from Mi phones, the tool only unlocks Android phones such as Samsung and LG. As a result, it’s clear that you’ll delete anything on your computer.

How to Unlock mi Phone Pattern Lock in 3 Ways

We now know that there is no way to circumvent the screen lock on Mi phones without losing data. Nonetheless, the methods mentioned below are simple and thorough in nature and will assist you in removing the phone pattern lock on Mi phones.

Way 1. Easily Remove mi Phone Pattern via 4ukey for Android (Editor’s Choice)

You can bypass the lock screen on mi phones using tools such as unlock mobile password 4uKey for Android. It is a robust application tool available to unlock any lock system like PIN, Pattern, Passcode, Irish Scanner, and Fingerprint. unlock mobile password 4uKey will completely remove the lock screen and provide an option to set up the functions again. The tool is seamless to use; follow the steps below to learn the details on how unlock mobile password 4uKey works.

  • After installation is complete, take a USB cable and join your mi phone to the computer. Now, click on “Remove Screen Lock.”
  • step 1 on 4ukey for android to unlock mi phone pattern lock
  • Once you click the option to remove the screen lock, you are then popped to another screen, which shows the required documentation on the process. Go along these lines and click on “start” to begin.
  • step 2 on 4ukey for android to unlock mi phone pattern lock - start to unlock
  • Removing a screen lock with unlock mobile password 4uKey will erase everything on your mi phone. If you are sure, click on “Yes” covered in green and continue to the next step.
  • confirm to use 4ukey for android to unlock mi phone pattern lock
  • A process begins to remove the screen lock. During the procedure, do not disconnect your USB cable from your computer. It can cause severe harm to your mobile phone.
  • using 4ukey for android to unlock mi phone pattern lock - removing
  • After the process hits the 100% mark, a confirmation appears on the screen saying, “Screen password has been removed successfully.” Click on “Done” and get back to your phone, it should have unlocked your phone by now.
  • using 4ukey for android to remove samsung s7 lock screen successfully

Way 2. Perform a Factory Reset redmi mobile

A factory reset is a known method to reset the phone completely. The process will erase everything on your device, including the cache. The technique may be similar from one phone to another, but the approach is different. Follow the steps below to learn details.

  • Turn off your phone completely. If you cannot get the power off option on the screen press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds, a completely blank screen notifies the phone to be switched off.
  • Now, press and hold the Power and Volume down button on your mi phone at once for a few seconds. On the screen, you might see the recovery screen. As soon as you see the Xiaomi logo on the screen, remove your fingers from the buttons.
  • On the screen of your mi phone, you should see something like the image below. Here, Volume up and down is used to toggle between the options, and the power button selects the option.
  • step 2 on 4ukey for android to unlock samsung phone
  • Now, toggle the Volume down key and highlight the mark on the “Wipe data/factory reset” option. Subsequently, hit the power key to select the option.
  • step 2 on 4ukey for android to unlock samsung phone
  • Once reset is completed, you will land on the recovery page again. Now, hover over the “Reboot system now” and press the power key to confirm the reboot.

Restart your redmi phone now; it should erase everything, including passcode lock.

Way 3. Bypass mi Phone Pattern Lock through Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager, as in ADM, is a built-in function in Android phones that allow remote access. The following step-wise guide will give you a proper idea of how you can bypass the mi phone pattern lock.

  • To make the system work, you need to have remote access turned on in your device. Go to Settings on your mi phone and then to device administrator in a security setting. There, activate the Android Device Manager. Don’t be worried if you have not turned the feature ON, most of my devices these days come with the feature pre-enabled.
  • open redmi device administrator settings to enable android device manager
  • Secondly, go to the Android Device Manager Website on your PC. Then, login to the same Google account that you have logged in on your mi or redmi phone.
  • You will see options to Ring device, lock, and Erase. Simply click on “Lock.”
  • unlock mi phone pattern lock via android device manager
  • Now, beneath the mobile information, select the “Lock” option.
  • On the screen, a field appears to enter a temporary password, enter it, and continue.
  • Now, go back to your mi phone, and see if a window appears asking to enter a password, type-in the correct password that you have set previously.
  • If the passcode is similar, then you are let into your device.

Unlock Mi Phone Without Losing Data

• Unlocking Via Google Account

Google accounts play a key role in resetting the password. All you need to have an active internet connection.

You will get to this option by entering the wrong password more than five-time and then click on the forget password option, sign in using the Google account.

Now draw a new pattern or use the new password to lock the screen and go to the further process by tapping on Continue. 

• Redmi unlock Using Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is another method to unlock the Mi phone. To do so, you need to visit the Android Device Manager and log in with your Google account.

Once you logged into the device you need to search three options that are, Play Sound, Lock, and Erase. After clicking on the Lock button.

Entering the details such as a recovery message and phone number will help to unlock your phone. Similarly providing details on the Erase option will reset your device but also remove your data. 

These two were the only options where you can reset your MI phone password without loosing any data.

Method To Reseting Mi Phone Password But Data Will Loss

Note: Most of the unlock options will demand resetting the data. Hence, it’s advised to take the backup of your data on external or online drives. 

If you have already taken the backup of data or agree to lose the data from the phone, then go with the underneath steps to unlock the Mi phone. 

• Unlock Redmi mobile Using Find Device Option

You can simply reset your Lock screen password using Mi Cloud. To perform this, you just need to visit and log in with your Mi account.

Once you open your account click on Find device. It will open the device option which is pairing with your Mi account: Press on your connected device model and you will be moved to the Wipe Device option that allows you to wipe all the data of your Mi device.

It will remove all the security from your phone and allow you to enter into it. 

• Redmi Reset Using Recovery Mode

Inserting the wrong password in your device can lock your device for a particular time and if you do it constantly your device will be locked permanently.

On the screen you will see the forgot password option when you click on it, you will enter into the password recovery process. Here how it goes; You need to move your device into Recovery Mode; turn off your device by long pressing on Volume Up and Power Button at the same time.

It will open the device in Recovery Mode. Now you will find the option to clean data, picking it will remove all of your phone’s data and therefore you can lockout of a forgotten password.


These are common troubleshooting methods to unlock the Mi password with or without losing the data. Always use the safe password and enable all the security features on your device. It will help to recover or regain access to your device in any case of any discrepancy. 

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  1. I need to access the data but a friend accidentally forgot the passcode, is there any methods that can be provided to help retrieve it as it is quite crucial for me and I can’t unlock solely by myself to crack the passcode. Thanks for the help

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